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Emei KVE Sports Co., Ltd is a large modern shoemaking enterprise, located in Emei, Sichuan, and founded in 2007. Awarded as “Typical enterprise of export-oriented industries” in 2008 and “Model base of foreign trade development enterprise” in 2013 by Sichuan Province Government, as well as “National base of employment and poverty Alleviation” in 2017 by both the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and National Poverty Relief Office. The enterprise is growing extremely well with fantastic support from all government levels. KVE offers more than 6000 jobs and manufactures 12 million pairs of shoes each year, which drives the development of surrounding supporting facilities and forms a scale of 2 billion KVE economic circle, also vastly promotes regional development. It is the model of "mutual interaction" for both new industrialization and new-type urbanization. The enterprise aims to "build a world-class KVE Sports brand" and missions to "quality, efficiency, innovation, consistently create maximum value for both customers and the society", and consistently expand the company economic and social benefits. KVE also shoulder the employee development and social responsibility as its ultimate goal. KVE will always adhere to the idea of “integrity, win-win, concentration” and walk out a glorious silk road with shoes.


Hello! Welcome to the KVE family!

After more than a year of running in, we have achieved today's glory through our unremitting efforts and persistent exploration. The recognition of customers and the affirmation of the society embody the diligence and wisdom of all the colleagues of JVE. We are very proud of it.

KVE is our second family, the foundation on which we live, the stage on which we display our talents and abilities. Hard work makes each of us live a full life, and achievement makes our life more brilliant. The future of the company is our future, and our destiny is closely related to the rise and fall of the company; The prosperity of a company is the proof of our personal business and the guarantee of a happy life.

Our job is to produce satisfied shoes every day for customers from different countries, nationalities, lifestyles and cultures. They are our "God". They are our parents who provide us with food and clothing. It is they who give us a full and happy life. Therefore, our pursuit of customer satisfaction (quality, cost, delivery) is a recognition of our hard work, is an affirmation of our own value, is also a measure of our performance standards. "Quality first, cost second" is the quality concept advocated by our company.

KVE is a labor-intensive shoe-making enterprise. The operation of the whole company, the unified actions of employees, the consistent steps of all departments, and the smooth operation of commands among all levels are the basic guarantee for the effective management of the whole company. Over the past year, we have come to the present by relying on our experience, our hope for the future of KVE, and our strong sense of responsibility among cadres and staff. The run-in period has passed. Today, we need to return to a good work order with rules to follow and evidence to follow, so as to improve management and show talent.

Wish you a successful and happy life in KVE.

Yang Zhongyong

In 2008,



04.09 On April 9, 2019, factories are under construction in Bangladesh.
04.09 On April 9, 2018, Honghu Weihong Shoes Co., Ltd. was founded.
04.09 On April 9, 2015 ,Emei Honglida Shoes Co., LTD was established .
04.09 On April 9, 2011, Guangzhou R&D Center of Emei KVE Sports Products Co., LTD was established.
04.09 On April 9, 2009 Emei Weihong Shoes Material Co., LTD was established
04.11 On April 11, 2007, KVE Sports Products Co., LTD was established. The first phase of the project was officially put into operation in 2008.


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