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Based on Emei, build Emei

Emeishan Weihong shoes Material Co., Ltd. is a labor-intensive enterprise undertaking the industrial transfer and global division of labor in coastal areas. The company was established in December 2009, with a registered capital of 2 million US dollars and settled in the Eastern part of The Storage logistics processing Park (Fuxi Town), the industrial concentration area of Mount Emei, covering an area of 67 mu, with a total investment of 50 million Yuan implemented in three phases. After the company is completed, it can solve the employment of 1000-1200 people, with an annual output value of more than 100 million Yuan, generating more than 8 million Yuan of profits and taxes for Emeishan city. Company factory in five years, despite the impact of international and domestic economic environment, the production and operation aspects there are many difficulties, but the company in the municipal party committee municipal government and industrial clusters, under the strong support and concern of the company up and down together, overcome the difficulties, as of the end of December 2011, the company production value reached $60 million, sales income 50 million, profits of 650000, fixed assets of 4 million, more than 300 employees. During this period, although the company's earnings did not meet the expectations, the company still put the interests of employees in the first place. In the past five years, the income of the company's employees has increased by 10%, which has stabilized the staff team, ensured the product quality and laid a solid foundation for the company's future development. The company's production capacity and product quality in the industry is a medium level, in the region in a higher position. The company's goal is to actively expand the southwest market and even the national market on the basis of supporting KVE Company. The company will increase investment in fixed assets, expand productivity, create jobs, and double annual output. The company has been settled in Emei for two years under the strong support and care of leaders at all levels of the city, the company has a bright future. Therefore, the company also has the confidence to base itself on Emei and build Emei. Under the unified leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, make due contributions to the construction and development of Emeishan city.

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