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KVE sporting goods co., LTD in dhaka, BANGLADESH labored Cindy area set up subsidiary of kVE, sporting goods (BANGLADESH) co., LTD. (KVE SPORTS BANGLADESH LTD, hereinafter referred to as the "kVE BANGLADESH company"), and through subsidiaries in BANGLADESH, Cindy buy pubali jute plant (founded 1968), after the founding of the first wholly owned factories in overseas. The project's total investment of 275.94 million Yuan (39.95 million U.S. dollars) is mainly used for land purchase, plant construction, material procurement, organization expenses and staff salaries. The project covers an area of 19.395 acres (about 117.678 mu), the total planned land area of the project is 78491.565m2, and the total planned construction area is 63060m2, including the office building, stitching workshop, forming workshop, outfloor workshop, rubber mixing workshop, bonded warehouse, finished product warehouse, staff canteen, staff dormitory, fire emergency pool and logistics support. The plot ratio of the project is 0.8, the floor area of the building is 388,60m2, the building coefficient is 49.5%, the green land rate is 20%, and the water supply and drainage, strong and weak electricity, fire protection engineering and other projects are also constructed. It is expected to be completed in three phases: The first phase will take 6 months, the second phase will take 9 months, and the third phase will take 21 months. The project is expected to build 12 molding production lines, with a designed annual capacity of 10 million pairs, and provide 4,000 jobs. We will ensure that the profit margin reaches 2.89% in the third year, 6.81% in the seventh year, and 7.79% in the tenth year. We will recover the investment cost of the third period in the tenth year. As the first overseas production base of KVE Group, we are expected to build our Bangladesh factory into an international production base integrating design, production and processing of sportswear shoes.

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